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State Department on Elections in Bahrain

30 November 2014

Office of the Spokesperson
Washington, D.C.
November 30, 2014

Statement on the Elections in Bahrain

The United States congratulates the Kingdom of Bahrain on the conclusion of its 2014 parliamentary and municipal elections. Although the elections did not enjoy participation by the full spectrum of Bahrain’s mainstream political societies, the elections provided an important opportunity to address the legitimate aspirations of all Bahrainis. We continue to believe that Bahrain’s long-term security and prosperity is best achieved through an inclusive and pluralistic political process that enfranchises all of the citizens of this richly diverse nation.

Looking ahead, we encourage the Bahraini Government and Bahrain's political societies to continue to work towards national reconciliation, through real political dialogue and respect for universal human rights, including the rights of peaceful assembly, debate and dissent. We urge all of Bahrain’s constituencies to work in good faith to resolve existing tensions, to seek constructive compromise, and develop a consensus on how to address Bahrain’s political, economic and social priorities. We further believe it is incumbent upon all segments of Bahraini society to reject violence and to contribute to a climate conducive for peaceful reconciliation.