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In Brief

Los Angeles’ Griffith Observatory Looks to the Stars

29 September 2012

Griffith Observatory (Shutterstock/TrekandShoot)

The Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles represents the imagination and ingenuity that space inspires.

Located next to the emblematic Hollywood sign, Griffith Observatory has been a set in many movies including Rebel Without a Cause and The Terminator. The Leonard Nimoy Event Horizon Theater, named for the actor who played Spock in the original Star Trek television series, opened at the observatory in 2006.

On September 21, an estimated 1,000 people gathered on the observatory's front lawn to watch the space shuttle Endeavour fly over the city. Endeavour soared above the city riding a Boeing 747 jet in one last “flight” before it entered permanent retirement in a museum.

Angelinos and visitors flocked to Griffith Observatory for the occasion because it symbolizes the imagination and ingenuity that space inspires. The observatory houses a planetarium and an array of science and space exhibits.

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