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In Brief

LGBT Youth Group Stands Up to Bullying

27 October 2011

This is the fifth in a series of six profiles on youth organizations in the United States.

GSA Network youth activists (Courtesy of Edward Dunkin Photography)

The Gay-Straight Alliance Network wants bullying of LGBT youth to stop.

On October 20, dubbed Spirit Day, millions of supporters of the youth group Gay-Straight Alliance Network wear purple to draw attention to GSA Network’s efforts to stop the bullying of gays at school. The photo shows three California network supporters.

Spirit Day was started by an American teen in 2010 as a response to news of young people who had taken their lives after being bullied. The student network, founded in 1998, works to end physical, verbal and online harassment of young people perceived to be gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender, a group known as LGBT youth. While some students think taunting their LGBT classmates is funny, the network teaches that it is no laughing matter.

Throughout October, recognized as LGBT History Month, GSA Network members raise awareness of the contributions of LGBT people throughout history by giving presentations at their schools, learning about LGBT heroes in class, and speaking to teachers and school boards.

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